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              Zhejiang Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
              Investment Hotline: 400-616-7222
              Consulting WeChat: WXID_ NCUBW3PR7JXB22Headquarters address: Room 210, 2nd Floor, Building 8, No. 48, Jiuhuan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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              Company Culture

              Company Culture

              Jiuzi New Energy, build a new blue sky together

              There is you all the way and me in the future

              "If you are poor, you are good at yourself, and rich is good at the world." For a long time, air pollution has become a hot topic of concern to people all over the world. Our country relies on imports of oil for 80%, but the exhaust emissions of gasoline vehicles are worrying. As a national enterprise, we do our best to protect a blue sky. Popularizing the new energy vehicle market, helping China become a powerful automobile country, and the energy vehicle industry becoming a new economic growth point is the unswerving corporate mission of Jiuzi New Energy.

              Benefit the people and enterprises, and benefit the common people. Creating and sharing together is the foundation of the concept of Jiuzi Xinneng to expand its territory. With its legendary business model and philosophy, Jiuzi Xinneng has won the strong support of local governments and partners. We thank you all and will redouble your efforts. Better to give back to the society at a better level, tomorrow's Jiuzi New Energy will surely ride the wind and waves, carry the "Nine Purple Dream, the Blue Sky Dream, and the Chinese Dream", and strive to become a world-renowned brand of new energy automobile supermarket sales.


              Corporate culture: pursuit of perfection, selfless dedication, teamwork, win-win cooperation

              Corporate philosophy: integrity, innovation, win-win, gratitude, original intention

              Enterprise mission: Committed to building a new energy automobile chain supermarket brand that people like. Let new energy vehicles enter thousands of households, and return to future generations a clear water and blue sky

              Corporate Vision: To build the world's first new energy vehicle chain supermarket and become the world's first new energy vehicle sales platform

              Enterprise purpose: Jiuzi New Energy, build a blue sky dream together

              Professional values: customer success, innovation and truth-seeking, honesty and responsibility, sharing and responsibility

              Corporate slogan: Make Xinneng travel more convenient, cleaner and more efficient. Be the Chinese travel butler

              Enterprise goal: Based on the whole country, serving the public, and helping China's new energy vehicle business to move towards the world