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              招商熱線: 400-616-7222
              咨詢微信: WXID_ NCUBW3PR7JXB22


              Chain Operation

              Chain Operation

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                The new energy vehicle chain + Internet operation model not only has national policy support, but also has the needs of the broad consumer market, and it also has the advantages of low cost and high profit. Chain operations include integrated operations of offline physical stores, experience stores, supermarket stores, and online platform APPs.

                1. Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Chain Supermarket

                The single system of auto sales brand authorization can no longer meet the needs of market development. Because the channels are too single, it gradually loses market competitiveness. In the future, non-manufacturer channels do not have to obtain authorization from auto manufacturers to cater to current and future updated consumer habits, such as automobiles. Supermarkets, auto stores, auto e-commerce and other sales systems have realized that suppliers can sell in a variety of ways, dealers can operate multiple brand products at the same time, and consumers can buy cars from multiple channels and enjoy the "three multi-mode" For consumers, it turns out that they can only look at cars of one brand when they enter the store. After the mixed operation, they are expected to be viewed as a "one-stop". The comparison of multiple brands in one store will save time and effort when buying cars.

                2. Combination of physical stores, brand promotion stores, experience stores, and online APP delivery stores

                Compared with traditional car 4S stores, the regional consumption level is almost zero, and the car will be dispatched directly from the unified ex-factory price; the layout of thousands of chain supermarkets, the macro-control of the company headquarters, fully realize the effective use of funds, channels, and resources of new energy car manufacturers; each The region adopts a business model that combines brand promotion stores, new energy vehicle experience stores, and online APP delivery stores to achieve an effective combination of online and offline. There is no need to stock up a large amount of cars. The national regional free deployment, flexible capital turnover, and reduced operations Risks, to achieve perfect returns.

                3. Time-sharing lease and sale on behalf of lease

                A new car rental model in the car rental industry in the car sharing market. The idea originated in the 1990s. Some European companies that pay attention to environmental protection began to promote the concept of car sharing, thinking that it is not necessary for everyone to own a car, otherwise it will be a huge disaster to the environment. Timeshare leasing refers to the provision of on-the-fly leasing services for cars on an hourly or day basis. Consumers can book the number of hours of car rental according to their personal car needs and car usage time, and their charges will be calculated on an hourly basis. The purpose of the Jiuzi new energy automobile supermarket chain is Jiuzi New Energy to build a new blue sky. Through the time-sharing leasing platform, it can effectively relieve pressure, improve traffic efficiency, relieve people's consumption pressure, achieve effective energy conservation and environmental protection, and create a full life cycle of new energy vehicle sharing system.

                4. Online smart sharing platform, new energy vehicle cloud mall

                Jiuzi New Energy uses self-built offline car city, online intelligent sharing platform, Jiuzi car rental, new energy automobile cloud mall to increase sales, increase sales, and increase big data. Introduce a large amount of capital market investment to accelerate the pace of listing.

                5. The triple identities of "boss, salesman, and consumer" lock in consumer groups in advance

                The Jiuzi new energy automobile chain supermarket, each store adopts a joint-stock cooperative business model, which has transformed the traditional waiting for customers to come to the car sales model to proactively seek out potential customers, increasing the transaction volume, and the shareholders themselves are also potential consumers. In the end, they will also participate in the dividend as the boss, so the role of three different identities (boss, consumer, salesman) on the same platform ensures that our new energy car chain supermarket will open a fire across the country!

                6. Use the car for free, I will pay for the car you use

                Entering the 21st century today, global economic integration is developing rapidly, market competition has become fierce, the operation of countless car companies is struggling, and the traditional car marketing model is increasingly being challenged. A new thinking and new model "you use the car, I pay the bill" "The ultimate promotion multi-win model came into being. Consumers can deliver the car in full, and when the new energy vehicle has been used for three years, all of it will be returned to the consumer, thereby shaping the consumer's new energy vehicle application concept, creating new energy vehicle consumption habits, and letting new energy vehicles interact with people. Life is closer.