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              Zhejiang Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
              Investment Hotline: 400-616-7222
              Consulting WeChat: WXID_ NCUBW3PR7JXB22Headquarters address: Room 210, 2nd Floor, Building 8, No. 48, Jiuhuan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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              招商熱線: 400-616-7222
              咨詢微信: WXID_ NCUBW3PR7JXB22


              Franchise Advantages

              Franchise Advantages

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                New energy vehicle franchising is a high-quality investment method in response to national policies. With the increase of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the government’s macro-control, more and more consumers choose pure electric vehicles. This is also a creation of new energy vehicle franchise A good market environment provides favorable conditions for investors.

                Low investment threshold

                Previously, Chinese stockholders could only participate in the investment of stock secondary cities, and equity investment was only possible with tens of millions of funds. It was originally an area where the institutional investor Magnetic Energy participated. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of national policies, vigorously develop a multi-level capital market. The New Third Board market and the Shanghai equity center market have significantly lowered the threshold for investors to participate. Investors have the opportunity to participate in the original equity investment of enterprises for tens of thousands of yuan.

                Great return potential

                After the China Securities Regulatory Commission has transformed its listing from an audit system to a registration system, it has vigorously developed a multi-level capital market. After investors have invested in original shares, they have to withdraw through transfers, mergers and acquisitions, and transfers by agreement. Time will have the opportunity to return dozens of times or more of the premium income, and the return potential is very large.

                Investment method is safe

                1. Investors directly become shareholders of the company, and the investment funds of investors are very direct, and the destination is clear. The Jiuzi new energy automobile multi-brand chain supermarket we invested in is established at our doorstep, sharing benefits and win-win cooperation ;

                2. The investor city, as the preferred stock shareholder of the company, enjoys the dividends agreed every year. After the invested company is listed, the preferred shareholders enjoy the priority of the company's dividends. The dividend ratio is clearly marked in the investment contract;

                3. Risks are controllable. After strict audits, the amount of capital increase by the company is far less than the total value of the company's net assets. Generally, the value-added capital is less than 50% of the net assets, and the safety factor is very high.

                Short investment cycle

                General venture capital/private equity investment, the exit time is 5-10 years, while the NEEQ equity investment can be listed and exited through multiple capital markets at different levels, or exit through mergers and acquisitions or premium transfers. Generally 1- There will be a chance to exit at a premium in 2 years, and it will definitely be possible to exit within 3 years.

                Investment that benefits the country, the people, others, and self

                Investors directly participate in the investment of corporate equity, which solves the problem of difficult financing for small and medium-sized enterprises in China. The company embarks on the path of asset securitization, which is equivalent to installing the engine of rapid development of the company, and the company has grown and grown. It will quickly realize the transformation of China's economy, generate income for the country, generate income for enterprises, and create jobs for the people. At the same time, investors have also realized their own investment value.

              Franchise Advantages