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                The development of new energy vehicles in my country is of great significance to the entire automobile industry, and even to persist in taking the road of new industrialization and building a resource-saving society.

                In recent years, the environment on which we live has become more and more polluted with the development and progress of the working society. The air, water sources, and soil are all polluted to varying degrees, especially the air pollution is particularly serious. Just like the hospital described in the aforementioned report, the PM2.5 value has been rising, and Beijing’s air pollution has reached serious pollution. Degree.

                Among the many pollution sources, the pollution of automobile exhaust is second to none. With the continuous advancement and development of my country's social economy, the living standards of residents continue to improve, and the demand for automobiles is also increasing. As of the end of 2012, the number of motor vehicles in my country has reached 240 million, and the number of motor vehicle drivers has reached 260 million. At present, the energy used by automobiles in the world is basically conventional fuel. The large amount of pollutant emissions and the shortage of oil resources are all serious challenges facing now. But the automobile industry is particularly important to the development of modern industries. Therefore, the development of new energy and environmentally friendly vehicles is an urgently needed topic. Countries all over the world are stepping up R&D and application.

                In all new energy vehicles, it is driven by pure energy. Pure electric vehicles are now most likely to be promoted and applied on a large scale. Electric vehicles are mainly powered by electricity. The battery is used as the energy storage power source, and the battery provides electric energy to the motor to drive the motor to run, thereby pushing the car forward. The electric motor of a pure electric car is equivalent to the engine of a traditional car, and the battery is equivalent to the original fuel tank. The power system is very simple: battery pack-electric motor-vehicle driveline.

                In the development of pure electric vehicles in my country, local automakers have already mastered certain relevant technical strength. The research and development of pure electric vehicles in my country is basically on the same starting line as foreign countries, and the technological level and industrialization gap is relatively small.

                Although pure electric vehicles in China did not start as early as Europe and the United States and other countries, pure electric vehicles have the advantages of no emission pollution, low noise, easy handling, maintenance and low operating costs. They have incomparable advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. It is a solution to energy And the most effective way of environmental pressure. The country considers the strategic height of maintaining energy security, improving the atmospheric environment, enhancing the competitiveness of the automobile industry, and realizing the leap-forward development of my country's automobile industry. In the coming era of new energy vehicles, we should redouble our efforts to promote its development in order to adjust my country’s industrial structure and improve innovation capabilities and market competitiveness in key areas.